Friday, January 22, 2016

DIY EasyThrow Pillow

I may be slightly obsessed with throw pillows. Unfortunately, they can be kind of expensive. I found this one on Wanelo and decided I could probably make it myself for a lot cheaper! The best part is you don't have to sew anything!

Supplies Needed:

3/4 yard Felt or 8 pre-cut squares
cheap pillow
hot glue gun

The first step is to cut out a whole bunch of felt in the shape of a house. I cut out about 20 pieces of one size and 20 of the same shape but a little smaller. I just eye-balled the size and shape. 

Then take a medium sized bowl and trace it to cut out a circle.

Place a large dot of hot glue in the bottom center of your house and then fold it in half. This will create a little dimension in each petal.

You will want your pinched part of the petal to be facing down, so get more hot glue and place it in the bottom corners of your petal. 

Start of by putting your petals in the 12 O'Clock, 3 O' Clock, 6 O'Clock, and 9 O'Clock, this will keep your petals a little more even. After you've done that, fill in the rest of your circle and start a new row. 

I only did two rows of the bigger sized petals and then started my third row off with the smaller sized petals. Keep making rows of the smaller petals until your circle is filled in. 

To make the center of the flower, take a piece of your leftover scraps from your petals and start to roll it up. Once you roll it up a couple times, fold the roll in half so you have two little centers and finish wrapping the rest of the felt around the two little flower centers.

Take some more scraps and cut little triangles and then glue them around your center piece. Cut out some small house shaped pieces and glue them around the center as well. This will help blend your center piece with the rest of the flower. 

Glue down your flower center to your petals and your flower is complete!

Take an extra square pillow that you have lying around and glue your flower to the center and that's it! you're done! All for about $6.

Now if you don't have any extra square pillow lying around you can easily make one. If you can sew a straight line you can make a pillow. Cut of the fabric to the size you want, place right sides together and sew all your edges except one corner. You'll want to leave about a 5 inch gap so you can stuff polyester filling into your pillow.

After your pillow is stuffed, fold the edges of the gap in so you can finish sewing it closed.

Hot glue your flower on and your pillow is done! 

You can always mess around with the petal shape to create different looking flowers. I made a second pillow and made a more rounded petal and it turned at way cute!

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