Monday, January 18, 2016

Fun Questions for Husband!

Okay I will admit that I laughed way too hard at some of Damian's answers. Mostly because they were way random and not what I was expecting! Try it out, you may be surprised!

Without any prompting ask your husband these questions and write down EXACTLY what he says... Then let him ask you. Super cute and fun for couples

1. What is something your wife always says to you? I love you

2. What makes your wife happy? When I'm lovey dovey and do nice things

3. What makes your wife sad? Animal cruelty 

4. How does your wife make you laugh? When you laugh about something I laugh about something  

5. What was your wife like as a child? I don't know

6. How old is your wife? 20

7. How tall is your wife? 5'4" 

8. What is her favorite thing to do? Crafty things. And cuddling with me and tank.

9. If your wife becomes famous what will it be for? Because I became famous first. Like the First Lady.

10. What is your wife really good at? Taking care of me

11. What does your wife do when you're not around? Sleep and clean

12. What is your wife not very good at? Saving money.

13. What does your wife do for a job? Takes care of me. And old people. 

14. What is your wife's favorite food? Tostadas

15. What makes you proud of your wife? How grown up she is and how easy it was for her to be a good wife and mom to tank.

16. If your wife were a character, who would she be? Katniss. Because she would take tank or our kids spot if they were put in danger. Or Lois from family guy. (haha totally random, right??)

17. How are you and your wife the same? We like the same food, movies, and like to be lazy sometimes. We both want to be successful and we both like to eat(: 

18. How are you and your wife different? I don't like to spend money and she does. And she likes to read and I don't.

19. How do you know your wife loves you? Cause she takes care of me and does everything for me! 

20. What does your wife like most about you? My handsomeness and great personality that only she understands. 

21. Where is your wife's favorite place to go? Hawaii.


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