Tuesday, January 26, 2016


The one thing I always wish I could have been born with; Perfect Eyebrows. Instead I have basically no shape to my natural brows. Here's my trick to getting my brows to look more arched than they really are. Everyone has different eyebrows but you could apply this technique to any shape and get the results you want.

Lets talk about the product I used in this post before we dive in. Its Benefit's 'Brow Zings' and I am in love! It has two different things in it which for me, are both necessities when it comes to doing my brows. First it has eyebrow wax. If you have never used a waxy brow product, I suggest you try it out a.s.a.p. It will change your life! The wax makes it so easy to apply, and it also helps with keeping your hairs in place. The second thing it has is eyebrow powder. I find that since I am over-drawing my arch area, I need some powder on top of the wax to help it blend in with my natural brow. This kit also comes with two mini brushes and mini tweezers for on the go!

My sister has pretty good brows and doesn't need powder so she uses Anastasia Dip Brow and thinks its been sent down from makeup heaven. It's also about $10 cheaper than the brow zings but it doesn't come with the brushes or the tweezers. If you have good brows and don't need to over-draw your arch or anything, I would go with the Dip Brow.

Using the angled brush from the brow zings kit, I always start on the arch of the brow first. Outline the shape you want your arch to be, but be careful not to stray too far from your actual hairs or it will
be way noticeable.

Start filling in your brows using the wax starting at the bottom and working your way up and out towards the tip. Don't start filling in the inner corner yet or it will get really dark, really fast.

Make a line connecting the bottom of the inner corner to the rest of the brow.

Without any extra product on your brush, blend that line up and over until all of your brow is filled in.

Now in the picture above, if you look closely you can tell where my actual eyebrow hairs are and where it is filled in. To help fix this problem, take some powder from the brow zings kit and fill in this area. See the difference that makes by looking closely at the picture below.

After your brows are all filled in, take some eyebrow gel and apply it to your brows. When I use eyebrow gel I always push the hairs upwards and spread them out over where I filled in the arch to help minimize the appearance of a drawn on eyebrow, and then just take the gel brush and clean up the hairs so they are in the lines of your eyebrows.

Now a big problem I used to have was trying to make my eyebrows look the EXACT same. I could spend a whole hour just trying to get my eyebrows to be identical. Here's the secret. Most natural eyebrows aren't the exact same anyway. Your eyebrows are sisters, not twins. 99% of people aren't going to be staring your brows down and won't really notice if they are a little off anyway. Hope this helps with those of you out there wanting better eyebrows than what you were born with!(:

Products Used & Talked About

Mary Kay Eyebrow Gel (see local distributor) 

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